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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of medical and wellness experts that have come together to bring some of the most powerful healing technologies available to the people and their health-care providers. We are excited to help form a new paradigm in health and wellness and look forward to serving you.

Health & Wellness Reimagined

Our focus is leveraging the most powerful medical and wellness technologies and weaving these modalities through a functional/integrative medicine lense. Our goal is to tailor treatment protocols that are unique to you and take personalized medicine to a whole new level. To be Well, Healthy and Whole is the goal. This is also the foundation and principle we exercise our care through with each client that comes through our clinics.

Wellness Services

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormones play a vast role in regulating many systems of our body. With aging, various hormonal shifts occur and cause physical, mental and emotional changes. Let us help you optimize your hormone levels to a whole new level. Below is a brief summary of how we approach Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and we look forward to serving you.
  • Functional Lab Tests
  • Customized Hormonal Therapies Unique to You
  • Improve Energy, Reduce Fat, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Increase Strength & Improved Libido/Sex Drive are merely some of the benefits of this type of therapy.
  • We Serve Both Men and Women.

IV Vitamin/Mineral/Peptide Drips

Our intravenous vitamin/mineral and peptide blends offer powerful health and wellness support. We offer the highest quality agents, taking into consideration where these agents are sourced and how they are prepared. By getting a nutraceutical-based IV, you by-pass the GI tract and get 100% absorption making this modality extremely powerful and life-changing. Below is a brief summary of some of our blends and offerings.
  • NAD+ Energy Crank Drip
  • Enhanced Meyer's Cocktail Drip
  • Immuno-Booster Drip
  • Apollo Magnesium Drip
  • Beautifier Drip
  • Anti-Oxi-Detox Drip
  • Big Gun Glutathione Drip
  • Other drips...

Vitamin/Peptide Injection Therapies

At our clinic locations, we also offer neutraceutical injection therapies. These are quick injections that can offer maximum benefit. Our most popular injection is our Fat Burner injection that can help improve metabolic function and thermogenesis. We offer peptide injection therapies such as LL-37 as well as others which can tremendously boost immune function and provide support in other areas of the body. Like the IV therapy, these are all 100% absorbed and utilized in the body.
  • Fat Incinerator Injection
  • Methylation Support Injection
  • 200 Genes Vitamin D3 Injection
  • Peptide Therapy Injections

Functional Lab Tests

We offer some of the best and latest functional lab tests at our health clinics. These tests may include testing for hormone levels, food allergies/sensitivities, advanced cholesterol and lipid panel tests, advanced genetic tests and many others. Conventional blood tests are great but may be missing a hidden part of the overall picture, which is where functional lab tests may become valuable. We work with the following lab companies:
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • ZRT Labs
  • Great Plains Labs
  • And many others...

Dietary Counseling/Weight Management

Weight management is critical to health and many chronic degenerative health conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and others. These can be circumvented as well as managed when proper diet and other protocols are set into motion. One of the main issues with weight is knowing how to effectively manage results. Our clinics can create a customized dietary plan along with other lifestyle modalities in a truly effective way. Our Partners at Pace Yourself to Health specialize in developing customized lifestyle programs that are achievable so that you can see and get real-time progress.
  • Customized Macro/Micro Nutrient Analysis
  • Medical-Grade Exercise Programs
  • Leveraging Lifestyle Technologies
  • Guidance/Assistance/Management
  • And more...

Athletic Enhancement/Optimization

Some of our superior-grade medical technologies that we offer at our clinic locations include leveraging gravity to target internal core muscles that cannot be targeted by standard planks or sit-ups alone. We also offer cryo-therapy and full-spectrum infrared services at some of our locations that all synergize together to promote enhanced strength, improved vascular/blood flow, detoxification and assist many other functions. Couple this with our safe hormone optimization programs and you truly get athletic benefits.
  • Functional Hormone Testing/Management
  • Core Evaluation/Core Enhancement
  • Cryo-Therapy/Full-Spectrum Infrared
  • And other technologies...

PRP Therapy

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. PRP has become widely adopted as a successfull therapy in treating/improving many health issues. Some issues include but are not limited to arthritis, musculoskeletal pains, facial rejuvination, treating hair-loss and many others. PRP is loaded with growth factors and other cellular elements that can have profound rejuvinating effects.
  • Eclipse PRP Technologies
  • Anti-Aging/Rejuvination
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Lasting Results
  • And more...

Clinic Locations

2911 George Busbee Pkwy NW #50, Kennesaw, GA 30144
(888) 599-PACE (7223)

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